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Branding responsibly crafted products by the story-loving people of Things I Miss

Brand Identity - Things I Miss

Capturing the essence of a business requires an understanding of its principles: I listen, I hear, I watch, I dream, Things I Miss craft products for modern living for story loving people.

The handcrafted logotype captures our innate child-like ability to dream. Nostalgically referencing a sense of youthful storytelling where things can exist because they can. Comprising of two complementary parts, designed to exist independently or together, depending on usage and a set of predefined positions or situations.

The brand identity, as a whole from colour palette to sourcing sustainable paper, embodies the core values of Things I Miss. A business founded on the principles that things we own should be personal, unique and long-lasting. Made from sustainable sources for story-loving people. A set of icons symbolise the stories behind the products and how Things I miss compliments responsible modern living.


Logo Things I Miss

Logo Variations For Things I Miss

Things I Miss Brand

Things I Miss   Button Detail

Custom Icons For Things I Miss

Custom made Icons for website

Things I Miss


"When I saw the first logo sketch, it was love at first sight! &&& captured the essence of what we do!"

Tina Princ, Founder Things I Miss

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