Brand Identity Sunday Publishing Ltd.

Communicating creative heritage & professional maturity for Sunday Publishing

Brand Identity - Sunday Publishing Ltd

A brand identity for Sunday Publishing, celebrating ‘What you stand for’ together with ‘Merited Professional Maturity’ a compelling story for an award winning content agency.

The logotype was a fluid explanation of the creative culture and the growing maturity of Sunday Publishing defining it as a mayor player in the publishing sector. The selection of brand typefaces hinged on communicating this message, reaffirmed its heritage as a fun personable business, through a serif, and its growing professionalism, through a sans-serif, that compliment what Sunday Publishing does best. ‘Extraordinary work well-executed’. We collaboratively developed a set of digital documents, internally unifying the brand message to all team members and externally to Sundays’ exceptional client base. Ranging from: Microsoft Word template files that aid administration workflow, InDesign templates with hot keys for new business proposals alongside Keynote presentation templates for personality meetings or events. Championing creativity and individuality each employee picks the image for their own business card, an image that best represents Sunday to them. What better from a publishing house, priding itself on great stories well told.


Logo Design Brand Identity Sunday Publishing Ltd.

Type Choices For Brand Identity Sunday Publishing Ltd.

Microsoft Office Templates For Brand Identity Sunday Publishing Ltd.


"From logotype to workable Word templates, &&&’s rebrand of Sunday was creatively and technically brilliant. The process was also brilliantly collaborative”.

Matt Beaven, Editorial & Creative Director, Sunday Publishing

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