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Data archiving, where every bit matters

Brand Identity - Arkivum Ltd

The importance of secure data archiving is part of the complex relationship data plays in everyday life. Where the demand is that every bit is guaranteed and accessible.

Today’s Big Data World is confusing, where acronyms abound and the importance of secure data archiving is overlooked. It’s only when that all-important file goes missing that we glimpse into the complex relationship we as individuals have with data. Arkivum Ltd provides a series of solutions for large scale, long term, and cost effective digital archiving with a unique 100% data integrity guarantee.

Company’s worldwide face even bigger challenges from secure storage to accessibility. These challenges start and end with a simple “Bit”, which we as individuals place values on and connect with emotionally. “Every bit archived” was developed as the backbone to a brand story, encapsulating the ethos of Arkivum Ltd. Underpinning the fact that “Every bit matters” to their clients. Validating their promise that “Every bit…” is “…secure”, “…accessible”, “…guaranteed” and “…considered”.

A comprehensive brand toolbox was developed that includes: a logotype that hints at a file structure with its forward slash A, a set of digital files for presenting the companies services to engaging service graphics that explain current data archiving trends. Complemented by bespoke stationery formats and a website that simplified the service offerings of Arkivum Ltd.


Logo For Arkivum

Brand Story

“Every bit archived” is more than just a brand statement.

It’s the core ethos to what we do. It defines the level of detail employed in all our services. It validates our promises that your data is secure, accessible and guaranteed.

Rest assured we consider every bit.

Brand Messages For Arkivum

Brand values that compliment "Every bit"

Logo Variations For Arkivum

Brand Badges And Colour Scheme For Arkivum

Brand tool box graphics

Microsoft Documents For Arkivum

Brand Documents For Arkivum

Brand Documents Arkivum


"Business cards just arrived! They're quite fantastic! The "un-boxing" is almost as wondrous as a MacBook - one of our guys nearly cried! Good Work!"

Jim Cook, CEO Arkivum Ltd

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