Dirty Soup Logotype Framed By &&& Creative

Great music deserves great design

Brand Identity - Dirty Soup Ltd

Brand identity for music sync company, Dirty Soup, the people responsible for placing Chet Faker’s cover of No Diggity by Blackstreet on the animated ad for the Super Bowl and much more.

With the wide range of music types and genres produced by Dirty Soup it seemed fitting to develop a logotype and colour palette that matched and was a vibrant celebration of fluorescent fun. Printed by a process called Risography, which is an exciting piece of duplication technology covering the ground between digital and screen-printing. With an accompanying website that highlights the assortment of gigs, happenings and places you will hear their musical fingerprint.

To get the message out we produced a series of customised Mac Mail stationery template. Easy to use, on-brand and a quick solution for marketing mail shots.


Dirty Soup Business Cards Designed By &&& Creative

Risography Stationery

Dirty Soup Website Design By &&& Creative

Bespoke Mac Mail stationery templates

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