Business Cards For Impact Creative Recruitment Ltd Design By &&& Creative

‘The Client’ and ‘The Candidate’

Brand Identity - Impact Creative Recruitment Ltd

Positively matching people to jobs to companies is a great skill that Impact Ltd has as a leading recruitment agency, telling this story to its diverse audiences is the challenge we faced.

The new brand identity had to communicate Impacts skill and expertise as a recruitment agency in the media sector to find the right people for the job, directly improving businesses and careers alike. This inspired a series of Success Stories that document the role Impact Ltd plays in people careers in the media sector. It drove the creative direction for a new website design. As well as allowing us to firmly position the new brand in the Media Sector, with seamless messaging across all digital and print platforms. The focus was on finding appropriate design solutions that work on multiple levels to communicate to ‘The Client’ and to ‘The Candidate’ separately and together.


Impact Creative Recruitment Ltd Designed By &&& Creative

Custom Icons Designed For Impact Creative Recruitment Ltd

Success Stories By Impact Creative Recruitment Ltd

Microsoft Office Documents For Impact Creative Recruitment Ltd Designed By &&& Creative

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