Cilichili Magazine, Vodafone, Website Design By &&& Creative

Transforming Vodafone’s customer magazine Cilichili into an online mobile ambassador

Website Design - Vodafone

The website design and development stretched: current adaptive technology, remodeled website content structures and embraced contemporary content delivery systems. Turning the question on its head “How do we as an industry take print online?”

The website design is a seminal building block of a marketing strategy to unify the brand experience of Cilichili across print and digital. Achieved through developing a set of design principles that work online and in print to create dynamic adaptive layouts, delivering the best reading experience. Highly flexibly page templates house Cilichili’s humorous content in a myriad of formats, allowing authors to ultimately design online.

Taking print online requires an understanding of publishing and the simple fact ‘issues’ are an integral part of a magazines cycle. As an audience they define how we: find content, remember content and anticipate the new. We remodeled conventional website content structures so we could achieve simultaneous publishing across print and digital. Allowing users to click through the site by issue or articles, as simple as turning a page.

Capitalising on the power of digital, where more than more is possible, we where able to; deliver more of what the audience likes, develop a media a rich environment and entertain through a daily blog. This would allow online editors full control to showcase everything right down to individual authors to most read articles to most shared articles and much more.


Website Design Build: WordPress, html5, CSS3, Webfonts, JQuery

Content Delivery: Issuu, YouTube

Social Media Engagement: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Mailchimp, Livefyre, Add This


Desktop View Of Website Design For Cilichili Magazine, Vodafone, Website Design By &&& Creative

Ipad And Iphone Website Design For Cilichili Magazine, Vodafone, Website Design By &&& Creative

Ipad Website Design For Cilichili Magazine, Vodafone, Website Design By &&& Creative

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"It is MY BIG PLEASURE to work with Simon Brown at &&&, he is living proof that great organisation, respect for a budget and long-term strategies go hand-in-hand with wild creativity. Thank you for taking Čilichili to the level where we can compete with the best B2C magazines around the world!"

Michal Schindler, Direct Marketing Comms & Branded Entertainment Manager, Editor in Chief at Vodafone

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