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Search inspired the website design, transforming Adrems site into an intuitive tool

Website Design - Adrem Group Ltd

With 'Apache Solr Search' at its core, a mobile first approach and SEO built in from the ground up the new website design for the recruitment agency Adrem positions them at the heart of the creative community from London to Shanghai to Dubai.

In 1981 Adrem was born out of the ambition to establish a recruitment agency focused on architecture and design. It has grown into a career specialist that helps find design candidates of all levels a dream job in our ever expanding and diversifying creative industry.

The ever-evolving digital landscape is now shaping how we as creatives find that dream job. Trawling through the net for jobs is as about as much fun as carrying your heavy A1 portfolio across town, like back in the day. At best it can be tiresome, at worst you find something just right online only to realise its already gone. We wanted to address these issues head-on through the website design and build.

Our approach to the new website design was to tackle these issues head-on by identifying and solving a series of problems for the end user. This is an integral part of our approach to website design that has been developed to enable our creative minds to identify and realise the creative opportunities.

A simple idea. Put search at the heart of the new website design

Making it straight-forward for candidates to find their dream job. Ensuring seamless real-time search available in a responsive design on all platforms and any device. Incorporating an intuitive sub filtering system for search that covered; design sector subdivisions, job types, job levels and geo-location including country and city.

The prerequisite was that search had to be accurate and above all fast to match user expectations. Coupled with a job cart that could cater for the diversity of applications. Technologically we pushed the boundaries of ‘Apache Solr Search‘ taking it beyond WordPress search and what it has to offer. Delivering search and a website that worked across international boards driving business for Adrems offices in London, Shaghai and Dubai.

Website Design Build: WordPress, HTML 5, CSS 3, Webfonts, Jquery, Solar Search, Broadbean.

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Adrem Search Interface

Adrem Iconography By &&&

The singular idea of search inspired the whole website design rational, leading to the development of divisional iconography that is representative to each creative industry to a bespoke interface for search.

Although search was to be the backbone of the new website we identified the fundamental fact that the creative industry, like any other is about people. In response we developed multiple touch points across user journeys, giving Adrems staff a face a presence and someone to call. Bringing the message ‘our passion is your career’ to life with; ‘the team behind you’ and ‘here to help.’

DreamSpace Gallery

From the original logotype design to the brand identity to website our collaborative partnership with Adrem has seen ambitious projects come to life. Notable the development of an Adrems own gallery DreamSpace under the statement ‘We love design, so we built our own gallery to showcase creativity’.

The results for making the whole ‘find a job’ process that bit easier is customer loyalty drastically increased. Candidates are staying on the website for much longer periods and are returning on a regular basis. The largest benefit for Adrem is the new website puts them firmly at the heart of the creative community.

In the essence of open source we and our tech head partner Jure Cuhalev have shared a blog post revealing the Technology of Building a Better Job Search. Which will be elaborated on at our monthly meetup Creative Corner aptly titled Beyond WordPress Search.

Key Performance Indicators


Increase in returning Visitors

33.9% in March 2015 vs 26.7% in March 2014


Increase in session duration

3:07 in March 2015 vs 1:55 in March 2014


"&&& Creative have designed a few websites for us and we return to them again & again because they are masters at what they do. Not only do they have great ideas for visual engagement but they navigate through the pathway with an appeal that resonates with audiences. They are incisive, thoughtful and are not happy until they know the client is happy. We see them as an extension to our creative offering."

Del Hossain, Managing Director

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