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Sabotage Times is the brainchild of former lads mag editor James Brown, with a healthy mix of articles and general internet distraction it brings 1990’s hedonists into the digital world.

As content has moved digital so has the publishing arena with Sabotage Times being a trend setter. Publishing brilliant content, distracting links, great journalism & opinion that is guaranteed to take your mind away from whatever you are supposed to be doing. Featuring: Football & Sport, TV & Film, Fashion & Style, Travel and simple tips on how to have a great time in life without doing too much work

“A new project from former lad mag editor James Brown, who aims to do for the discerning middle-aged fella what Loaded and its ilk did for 1990s hedonists. Under the banner “we can’t concentrate so why should you?”, you’ll find a healthy mix of archive articles and new pieces with the emphasis on nostalgia. Shed man totems Steve McQueen, Paul Weller and Geoffrey Boycott feature, as do homages to Adidas trainers and the Vespa scooter, plus amusing opinion pieces, reportage and fiction alongside more predictable internet distraction from YouTube. Men of a certain age will find their pub chat repertoire reignited. “

Johnny Dee, The Guardian


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