Part 3: Let the audience complete the circle ‘Think Design, Create Emotion’

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The third subject that Marcus Lyall covered was ‘let the audience complete the circle’ they create the emotion. Marcus referenced the ‘Sensation’ exhibition poster, a design classic, where a tongue and iron sit opposite each other. The beauty of this poster is not the two images but the third image you as the audience make in your head.

How to let the audience complete the circle
  • Give the audience 90 percent
  • Let the audience complete the remaining 10 percent

How can we follow that up; Watch the video, be inspired!

Part 3: Let the audience complete the circle ‘Think Design, Create Emotion’

Creative Corner: Think Design, Create Emotion

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The links below will take you to the relevant part of the Creative Corner Uncut video.

  1. It’s not what you put into it, it’s what the audience get out of it – 7:19
  2. It’s how the audience reacts to it – 10:29
  3. How it feels is more important than how it looks – 10:55
  4. Keep it simple – 12:49
  5. Drama is conflict – 15:56
  6. Use tension and release to create emotion – 26:28
  7. Audiences want to believe, insight into the design thinking and audience reaction to ‘On My Wavelength‘ a collaborative project by Marcus Lyall, composer Rob Thomas and technologist Alex Anpilogov – 1:08:11

Creative Corner three part video series

Creative Corner Poster: Think Design, Create Emotion

‘Think Design, Create Emotion’ is available to watch as a three part video series as part of Creative Corner Uncut. Be inspired, we are!

Part 1: The importance of sound and music

Part 2: Talk to the inner child

Part 3: Let the Audience complete the circle

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