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Wow, what an audience! Wow, what a venue! Wow, what a night for the eighth Creative Corner. That’s right! The eighth Creative Corner, do believe the hype. From the moment the Director and Design Marcus Lyall agreed to present ‘Think Design, Create Emotion’ we knew we had to up the ante in our pursuit to inspire and educate creative minds under our banner ‘Disruptive inspiration for inquisitive minds’. This month we’ve done just that, taking Creative Corner Uncut to the next level by distilling the undiluted video into a series of bite size shots of inspiration. Giving you the creative edge to succeed.

Be inspired, we are!
Think Design, Create Emotion

Creative Corner Live from The Proud Archivist via periscope

On The Night

On the night Marcus Lyall shared the thinking behind his design work for Metallica, U2 and the Chemical Brothers and much more. He also rationalised how he has been able to create emotional responses from an audience, some of which where unexpected. Placing emphasis on the importance of sound to letting the audience complete the circle. It’s no wonder our guest compére Isabel Tims found herself working two rooms as the Creative Corner team broadcast live on periscope from the cultural hub that is the Proud Archivist. Linking not only the two rooms that packed out our third secret London, but also engaging inquisitive minds online. Thanks for turning up, tuning in and bringing ‘Disruptive inspiration for inquisitive minds’ to life.

The creative shenanigans where brought to life by the wonderful Tilly aka Running for Crayons who joined us as live illustrator for the night. Capturing the buzz, the laughter and the highlights through her eloquent pen work. Our goody bags where back by popular demand filled by non other than Proper Corn, Handsome Frank and Moo.

In the spirit of collaboration ‘Over to You’ was again brought to life by the audience who hurled around the room great questions like “How do you refine your ideas when you have an open brief?” to “What is your creative process?” Amplified by the worlds’ first audience microphone Catchbox, which has quickly become a staple to any Creative Corner event. Even though we can’t throw or catch that well, it’s lots of fun.

Creative Corner Partners

The friends that brought Creative Corner to life

A big thanks

We must say a big thanks to the unsung hero’s who helped out on the night; Jamie at London Sound & Music, the next generation of creative talent Bethan Clark, Joe Tims, Josh Wright & Zoltan Gaal.

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Tilly Aka Running For Crayons   Live Illustration

Live illustration by the fabulous Tilly aka Running for Crayons

Live Illustration At Creative Corner By Tilly Aka Running For Crayons

Love the illustration download via this link

Creative Corner Goody Bags

Creative Corner Goody bags

Inspiration list

If you’re left wanting more, look no further than these two recommendations by Marcus Lyall to further your knowledge.


The hype from 'Think Design, Create Emotion' held at the cultural hub that is The Proud Archivist

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