Part 2: Talk to the inner child ‘Think Design, Create Emotion’

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The second subject to be shared by Marcus Lyall was learning to talk to the inner child. Which is grounded on Sigmund Frueds structural model of the psyche that states the id or inner child wants whatever feels good at that time, with no consideration for the reality of the situation.

Creating emotion by talking to the inner child

Marcus explains that to be able to create emotion through design we need to understand that emotions or feelings are a child like response. Learning to tap into and talk to the inner child can be a positive force. He highlighted this point with the audience’s response to a festival he directed for the launch of the Nokia Lumia. Where DJ DeadMau played on a bus with a complex lighting extravaganza that took months to organise and complete. Only for the audience to simply love an unexpected piece of the work, the light up wheelie bins. They simply captured the imagination.

Part 2: Talk to the inner child ‘Think Design, Create Emotion’

Giant Robots! Yeah!

It’s sometimes the simple ideas that get the best reaction non-more so than the giant robots Marcus and Adam Smith proposed for the Chemical Brother World Tour. At first they thought this would cause logistical nightmares, but soon found out that the team and audience just loved them. With the team pushing the idea further with lasers coming out of the robots eyes.

People love them! We definitely did!


Creative Corner: Think Design, Create Emotion

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  1. It’s not what you put into it, it’s what the audience get out of it – 7:19
  2. It’s how the audience reacts to it – 10:29
  3. How it feels is more important than how it looks – 10:55
  4. Keep it simple – 12:49
  5. Drama is conflict – 15:56
  6. Use tension and release to create emotion – 26:28
  7. Audiences want to believe, insight into the design thinking and audience reaction to ‘On My Wavelength‘ a collaborative project by Marcus Lyall, composer Rob Thomas and technologist Alex Anpilogov – 1:08:11

Creative Corner three part video series

Creative Corner Poster: Think Design, Create Emotion

‘Think Design, Create Emotion’ is available to watch as a three part video series as part of Creative Corner Uncut. Be inspired, we are!

Part 1: The importance of sound and music

Part 2: Talk to the inner child

Part 3: Let the Audience complete the circle

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