Part 3 : Searching for the right note, Patrick Doyle ‘Tearing up the rules in music’

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The compére Isabel Tims and musician Patrick Doyle tore up the platform of Creative Corner with a dynamic discussion covering the process he has developed to make music and his new solo career as Boys Forever under the label AmourFoo. Patrick spoke of how a documentary process plays a significant role in the development of his work. Emphasising the benefits of being able to take yourself out of your comfort zone enables you to look at your work from a different perspective.


Part 3 : ‘Tearing up the rules in music’ Patrick Doyle

He maintained that as a musician he finds it beneficial to have a variety of perspectives on his work. Achievable by recording everything, playing live and sharing as it helps clarify the decision making process. One of the most refreshing statements on the night was how he embraces mistakes as a positive influence.

A statement we whole heartedly agree with.

With Such An Incredible Response To Creative Corner We Felt We Must Share The Pivotal Moments That Have Inspired Us To Packed Out Secret Venues. Hell Yeah!

Compére Isabel Tims & Musician Patrick Doyle

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The links below will take you to the relevant part of the Creative Corner Uncut video.

  1. Searching for the right note, Musician Patrick Doyle in discussion with compére Isabel Tims – 41:00
  2. How would you define success in music? – 41:43
  3. Can you take us through your creative process, from how you write to produce your music? – 43:33
  4. How do you obtain feedback and does it influence your work? – 46:01
  5. Question time, or what we like to say ‘Over to You’ – 48:27

Creative Corner three part video series

Creative Corner   The Importance Of Tearing Up The Rules In Design, Code, Music

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Part 3: Searching for the Right Note by Patrick Doyle


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