Part 2 : Looks don’t matter LOL’s do ‘How to have a digital hit’

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What we heard was ‘Looks don’t matter, LOL’s do!’ Backed up the fact we all want things now and fast. Sam and Jay reflected on this suggesting that your message or action should be upfront as quickly as possible.

Part 2 : Insert ‘How to have a digital hit’ Jay Pond-Jones & Sam Delaney

Jay Pond Jones & Sam Delaney

Jay Pond-Jones & Sam Delaney - How to have a digital hit.

Creative Corner   How To Have A Digital Hit

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  1. How to have a digital hit by Jay Pond-Jones & Sam Delaney – 0:48
  2. Part 1: The usual rules of advertising and production don’t apply
  3. Part 2: Looks don’t matter LOLs do 
  4. Part 3: Being brilliant isn’t enough, you need a strategy
  5. A digital hit requires a digital narrative – 6:45
  6. Question time, or what we like to say ‘Over to You

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