Part 1: The usual rules don’t apply ‘How to have a digital hit’

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Sam and Jay kicked off with a statement that was so simple we where left thinking why didn’t we think of that. What is a digital hit?… and why do you want one? By quantifying what you want to achieve puts you in a far better position to have what you perceive to be a digital hit. We are not all competing against the cats that fill the net with LOL’s.

We saw evidence that the usual advertising rules don’t all apply. Challenging the idea that hi end production values are not be the prerequisite to have a digital hit. In some cases these value can actually be detrimental.

Part 1 : The usual rules don't apply ‘How to have a digital hit’ Jay Pond-Jones & Sam Delaney

Creative Corner   How To Have A Digital Hit

Creative Corner

Jay Pond-Jones, Sam Delaney - How to have a digital hit

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  1. How to have a digital hit by Jay Pond-Jones & Sam Delaney – 0:48
  2. Part 1: The usual rules of advertising and production don’t apply
  3. Part 2: Looks don’t matter LOLs do 
  4. Part 3: Being brilliant isn’t enough, you need a strategy
  5. A digital hit requires a digital narrative – 6:45
  6. Question time, or what we like to say ‘Over to You

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