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What a Creative Corner, what an amazing array of inquisitive minds. Jay Pond-Jones and Sam Delaney set Campus London, a Google space on fire. Charismatically presenting ‘How to have a digital hit’ through a series of tangible takeaway points. Lets face it we all want to have a digital hit. We write blog post’s, make video’s, craft meme’s. But why and how do they go viral? To help you have a digital hit the Creative Corner team have produced mini series from ‘How to have digital hit’, taking you straight to the heart of the inspiration.

  1. Part 1: The usual rules of advertising and production don’t apply
  2. Part 2: Looks don’t matter LOLs do 
  3. Part 3: Being brilliant isn’t enough, you need a strategy

How To Have A Digital Hit

Over to you

Question time was brought to life as Catchbox, the world’s first throwable audience microphone bounced around the room. To our surprise we learnt that the content alone did not make a hit. The ancillary products from tweets to teasers make up a staggering large percentage of the production. More so than in any other media channel. 

How To Have A Digital Hit

Sam & Jays take-away points;

  • What is a digital hit?… and why do you want one?
  • The usual rules don’t apply!
  • But then… some do.
  • Looks don’t matter. LOL’s do!
  • But it’s brilliant… That’s not good enough!!!
  • Narrative Arc? Ain’t nobody got time for that?

Thank you Sam & Jay and all those that attended. We must also thank our friends at Edition Digital, Faber & Faber and Colourbolt who filled the Creative Corner goody bags to the brim.

We hope you enjoyed the highlights and look forward to meeting you at the next Creative Corner.


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Skip to the inspiration that will help inspire your digital hit

  1. How to have a digital hit by Jay Pond-Jones & Sam Delaney – 0:48
  2. The usual rules don’t apply, the rise of the internet celebrity in advertising – 1:07
  3. Looks don’t matter LOL’s do when it comes to making a digital hit– 3:56
  4. Being brilliant isn’t enough to have a digital hit, you need a strategy to deliver a digital hit – 5:20
  5. A digital hit requires a digital narrative – 6:45
  6. Question time, or what we like to say ‘Over to You‘ – 8:18

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