Just for you: Our lightning talk on video from the awesome Digital Shoreditch Live Day

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The Live Day was fantastic, thanks Digital Shoreditch and the creative community for coming together to inspire all of us. If you didn’t manage to attend the event we have prepared a version of Simons lightning talk, Content is King, Design is it’s Queen, just for you.

We are also hosting a Content is King, Design is it’s Queen Open House on Tuesday 19th May, 4:00pm. This will be part of the 140 Meetups and Networking events put on by the creative community that will makeup this years Digital Shoreditch festival. If you would like to attend our Open House Event please RSVP to engage@andandand.co.uk

A big thanks to Laurence at Yada Yada for the video production.


  • As a brief summary it is typical that as a creative you will receive content as a lucid set of ingredients. But more than often not you will receive content as a jumble of stuff. By reading and understanding the complexity of the content your supplied you will be able to identify the creative opportunities where your design can add real value.
  • Don’t design the unnecessary; design should be focused on bringing content to life. Content should be the backbone throughout the design process. We shouldn’t be designing boxes for any old content to fit into. Even try designing the content itself.
  • Think of the end user and make it simple to engage, find, share and enjoy content. Design is not purely about aesthetic its also about the end user.
  • It’s safe to assume that we are all learning but as long as your design helps communicate great stories. Content will be King and Design will be always be its most elegant Queen.
  • If you would like to continue the dialogue hit us up on twitter @andandandltd

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