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The Creative Corner team has been at it again putting together a great synopsis of highlights from ‘Work, Coffee, Work’. This includes our first video shot by Anthony Tim Forde, a full Slideshare deck and pictures. A big thanks to all those that attended, together we did it, enjoy the highlights. If you didn’t manage to make it to ‘Work, Coffee, Work’ we look forward to seeing you at next months Creative Corner, ‘Facebook has killed your designer.’

Mark Sciberras provided honest and eye-opening insight into the challenges of starting and running ‘The Common’ his unconventional hybrid coffee shop / creative co-workspace. Sharing how he made his dream to establish a work/life space become a reality. His refreshingly emotional and openly candid account revealed what it’s like to be a startup. Providing a real insight into what it’s like to run a creative business; covering the day-to-day tasks along with the unexpected hurdles he has had to face.

The real driver for Mark’s business was his infectious passion and vision to create a unique work environment. Where people can keep learning, keep developing and creating new contacts. He also revealed the vital ingredient he needed to make ‘The Common’ become a reality was a support network. This ranged from team players working together, friends, family and business contacts. Mark aptly summed up the importance of these ingredients “Your support network will be with you on your journey and will be celebrating with you when you succeed.”

The Common is now a work/life space where over a coffee relationships are formed and collaborative business partnerships are developed. First hand we have witnessed Mark’s vision bring the community of Durham Yard together. We look forward to seeing his passion do more.

Mark Sciberras

Creative Corner Take-aways

  • Start with an Idea and put your ambition into action
  • A shared passion amongst all those involved is integral to success
  • Collaborate with others and share your vision
  • Meeting great people that inspire you is a huge benefit of running your own business
  • By creating your own business you will learn more business than you ever would being an employee
  • Learn from others

Work, Coffee, Work – Mark Scriberras

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