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Our Rooney World Cup T-shirt featured in Sport magazine

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Our Rooney head over Africa T-shirt featured in Sport magazine last week, here is what they have to say… “In the run-up to South Africa 2010, all it’s taken for a T-shirt to become World Cup product is the appearance of a Cross of The Good Lord of St George. Plain white T-shirt? No problem, simply stitch on a red cross and watch the shaven-heads and their husbands come a-running. Luckily, there have been several magnificent World Cup Tees unleashed, and none more than this: &&& Creative’s Limited Edition Kraftwerk inspired Wayne Rooney, available in any colour you like, as long as it’s red or white. Numbers are strictly limited to 100, which only adds to the appeal, but you’ll need to act fast.”
Sport magazine, June 18th 2010, Issue 164.

Rooney T Shirt Showcased In Sport Magazine

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