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Today, Intelligence, Action it’s what think tank Open Europe does best

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Our solution to grow Open Europes’ digital presence was to strategically design; a multi-channel, multi-media rich, digital environment. One that embraced both innovate applications of technology and design as a brand language. Ensuring we engaged with an audience hungry for knowledge on European Affairs pre and post Brexit.

The challenge was set for this digital project with one simple but provocative question. Does anyone know what a Think Tank does? To answer this question we developed a digital strategy that focused on our vision for Open Europe to deliver its complex policy ideas through three clearly defined channels within one website;

  1. Today – The go-to source for real-time analysis on breaking European affairs
  2. Intelligence – Providing smart hands-on solutions to the EU’s most pressing challenges
  3. Action – Delivering tangible change through Open Europes’ events, campaigns and supporters



Open Europe Website Design

Key Project Highlights

Our multi-channel solution defined the new website design and the development of an engaging multi-media rich digital environment specifically aimed at bringing content to life! 

Open Europes’ research papers on the EU were recategorized as either ‘Original Thinking’, ‘Policy Changer’ or ‘On The Money’. Whilst life was made simpler for the end-user to navigate, share and consumed content by displayed pdf files at post level via Google’s embeddable doc viewer. We also harnessed the power of flexible JavaScript charting to transform a variety of static graphs’ into interactive animations. All of which are easily editable by the client through a series of bespoke customise fields in WordPress.

A pivotal turning point that would lead to Open Europe having the facility to grow its audience was when we identified a Life Cycle for events and campaigns. Informing not only the technology but also the design choices that now power the Action Channel. This coupled with a bespoke social media strategy highlighted a series of new opportunities to engage and interact with their audience.

We also pinpointed the value in repackaging Open Europes’ Press Summary Newsletter into ‘Daily Shakeup’; the newsletter that cuts through the chatter, delivering the days’ fresh EU developments. Now delivered to a growing audience as a digestible set of highlights that link back to the site for further reading. Our approach has reformed the digital presence of Open Europe, making it simpler for them to; publish, publish first, promote their USP’s and directly grow their online presence.

Open Europe Website Design

Website Design Build: WordPress, Html 5, CSS 3, Webfonts, Jquery, Javascript

Content Delivery: Youtube, Soundcloud, Google Doc Viewer, Animated Graphs, Live Blogging

Social Media Engagement: FacebookTwitter, EventbriteGoogle+Linkedin, Mailchimp, AddThis.

Key Performance Indicators

Twitter Followers



Followers in Thousands

User Engagement



Average percentage of returning visitors over a 3 month period


When we commissioned &&& to undertake this project for us, the things that struck us the most, from their first pitch onward - was their attention to detail, their creativity and their ability to come up with fresh ideas. Throughout the project, they really made the effort to listen to us, getting to grips with how our organisation works, our aims and our goals. This combination allowed them to visualise our digital brief into a truly creative, unique and beautifully functional platform.

Nina Schick, Communications Director, Open Europe

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