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Fast, Effective, Smart; the Brand Essence of Think Tank Open Europe

Brand Identity - Open Europe

Our vision for Open Europe was to design an engaging identity that could communicate complex messages. Bringing a tone of voice and a visual style that worked seamlessly across print and digital in the modern age. Setting the precedence that Think Tanks' don’t need to look dull anymore.

To effectively communicate the diversity of Open Europe’s services, offering and influence it was back to the drawing board. Taking a strategic approach we refocused the essence of what they do into the core values ‘Fast, Effective, Smart’. Fast, analysis ahead of the game, stands not only for Open Europe and their approach but encapsulates a variety of USP’s. Like their daily newsletter on EU affairs, which was renamed and reformatted into The Daily Shakeup. Effective, tangible success, not only sets the tone for the importance of their work it identifies the value. A smart, hands-on solution, is what makes them and the difference.


Open Europe Logotype

Alongside this we developed a tone of voice to communicate the complexity of Open Europe to a wider digital audience through the new website design and our social media strategy to a more formal audience through print. Their research papers where formalised into an identifiable visual language with illustrated covers that condense complex ideas into engaging artwork.

Open Europe White Papers

Cover design for Intelligence Reports published by Open Europe

Open Europe White Papers

Cover design for Poll Reports published by Open Europe

Design Language

A library of iconography was designed to symbolise what they do best and build identifiable ownership to what they do best. Covering Events and the variety of Event types to types of Research Papers. A design aesthetic was developed to display data beautifully in print and digital. Working seamlessly with the new logotype that can be either an abbreviated symbol or in full.

Open Europe Brochure

Open Europes' Media Brochure

Open Europe Brochure

Open Europe Brochure

Brochure inside pages


Not only is their work is extremely professional and of the highest quality - but &&& also has the special (and unique) level of attention to details that is required to develop and fulfill a vision.

Nina Schick Communications Director, Open Europe

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